Looking for Convenience? The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Has It

Ugh. You look at the back seat as you let the dog climb in and shudder. How can it get so messy back here?

Crumbs are lodged between car seats and the upholstery underneath them as well as smashed underfoot on the floor mats and everywhere else. There’s dog hair blowing like tumbleweed along the door frames.

Your vehicle is a mess and the question is, when will you have time to clean it? You run through your week mentally: could you fit in a trip to the car wash to struggle with the big, unruly vacuum hose there on your lunch break? Or maybe drag out the house vacuum cleaner this weekend between the kids’ practices?

A built-in vacuum is just one of the convenient features that the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica offers. At Iverson CDJR Huron, we have a lot of great vehicles to show you. Please stop in and see us next time you’re in the Huron, South Dakota, area. Here, our friendly staff is happy to answer any of your vehicle or finance rate questions.

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